Infrastructure Analysis

Today's IT systems are complex and inter-connected. If your company is even moderately large, chances are that nobody in your IT department has a complete picture of the infrastructure landscape. This is exactly where Picanol's technology-savvy consultants can add real value. They can help you gather and document all relevant information. The documentation portion of DRP guide will focus on the following areas:

Detailed Network Diagram: Document all connections, locations, IP addresses, network equipment, etc.

Passwords: All servers, networks, and services used by IT.

IP Addresses/Ports: An internal network map with all the hosts, devices, routers and switches.

Location-specific Information: Locations, addresses and directions; phone numbers, fax numbers; connectivity type; hardware inventory, servers, desktops and printers; network configuration; software installed; hours of operation; emergency contacts.

Printers: Network diagram for printers, print server configurations.

Vendors: Vendor list, account numbers, passwords (where applicable), contact information, service agreements.

Domain Information: Domain names, static IP addresses, renewal information, contact information.

Emergency Planning: Key personnel, emergency contact information.

Software: License information, software packages, vendor information, vendor contact, training, service level agreements.

Phone Lines: All phone and fax lines, contact information at the telephone company.

Hardware: Complete inventory of all IT equipment throughout the organization.

Web Server: Web page information, FTP information, passwords.

E-mail: Server information, client information.